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Studio Diaries – Part 2

Studio Diaries – Part 2

Our first day in studio was spent getting comfortable and playing around with the various (and numerous) equipment that Dave has. First up was getting the drums sounding great, so Dave, Mathias and myself set out changing the heads on the snares; one which belonged to Mathias, the other which Joey Castillo had used on Era Valgaris. Fucking nuts! There wasn’t much to do because Brad Wilk had been drumming on the kit while Dave was on tour, so they were sounding awesome but after a short time Mathias had it sounding massive!

Dylan and Matt messed around with all the guitars and bass in the studio and as the process went on they found a number of guitars and amp combos that gave great tones to use on the album. The rest of the first night was spent running through all our tracks and finding a song to start with the next morning.


The recording process has been amazing so far, we jam through the track untill we get a full take that feels awesome and suits the vibe of the song. This has been easy as we having such a great time jamming. And once we finnish going through a few takes, someone have usually whipped up something awesome in the kitchen like quesadillas, pasta, a braai… I even tracked one of our songs filled with stew, red wine and Mexican beers.


We usually start in studio round 12 and work into the night, till we think it’s time to call it a day. This leaves our mornings open for visiting the local Swap Meet, which takes place every Saturday morning. The Swap Meet is a big open space where people come from all over the valley to swop and sell their old goods. It’s basically filled with tons of junk, but you know what they say; someone’s junk is another mans gold.

but you know what they say; someone’s junk is another mans gold

The amount of equipment we have played and experimented with has been insane. Although Matt stuck to recording mostly with his thunderbird through a badass Guild amp. Dylan used a different guitar on almost every song, the list includes 2 hollow body Yamaha’s, a really old Silvertone, Danelectro’s, Gibson Les Pauls and it just goes on. All were played through a VOX AC30, Dave’s very sexy custom Supro amp, a Fender Twin Reverb and a Fender Super Reverb. We’ll leave the pedals for another day, there are hundreds. Basically if we tell Dave what sort of sound we want he hooks it up in 5 minutes. So awesome to have such freedom of sound.


The house kit in rancho is a 1970’s Gretch kit, with a 22″ kick, 13″ rack and 15″ floor tom. The snares I am using is a 14″ Yamaha snare and a 14″ DW that belonged to Joey Castello. Rancho also has a great collection of cymbals. I settled on using my own 15″ New Beat hi-hats, a 19″ Medium Thin Dark Crash, a 20″ A Custom Crash Ride, and an old school 20″ Zildjian ride.

To be continued…

Love and hugs


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